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Effective tips to spice up your profiles

A.D. Argyle
3 min readOct 11, 2020

Social media has become an effective tool for personal and professional expression. A brand without a presence on Instagram or Twitter is a brand losing customers and foot traffic.

Merakist, Unsplash, 2020.

Whether you’re a veteran of social media who pioneered on MySpace or a brand-owner looking to get your foot into the doorway, these tips will help you elevate your profiles above the others.


Your username is your first impression to followers. While it can be as simple as your entire name or some shortened version, many use the opportunity to connect their handle to their brand or the image they wish to portray. There is a percentage of followers who engage with profiles based solely on their handle. This is almost like SEO.

Andy Art, Unsplash, 2020.

To choose a unique handle, try to think of adjectives that describe your brand or aesthetic, the personality of the image you are portraying to others. Are you in love with the mid-century? Into the darkness and macabre of goth attire and decor? Perhaps you’re into ‘cottagecore’, an idealized vision of farm life that leaves one reeling for simpler times?

Either way, thinking about the way you want to portray yourself online can allow you to pick a username that makes it easier to gain the right kind of followers.


Your profile bio says more about you than the username we previously discussed. This is your opportunity to tell your story, at least in 150 characters. Most people prefer to add their age, relationship status, location, and pronouns but some use favorite movie quotes, snappy remarks that border on pick-up lines, and even emojis that may tell the user’s story better than words might. Regardless of what you write, you might try some fun fonts to give your profile a more polished look.

Jeroen Den Otter, Unsplash, 2020.

Sites like Instagram Fonts Generator (linked below) allow users to switch up their font or even create their own.

Instagram Fonts Generator: https://igfonts.io/


Most social sites allow users to insert links. They may be connected to off-site link lists like LinkTree or perhaps more direct like for a specific shop. If you do not own a shop or have more than one link you’d like to make your followers more aware of, using a site like LinkTree will give you that ability as well as some fun perks, like colored layouts.


Lastly but perhaps the most important aspect of designing an alluring and efficient profile, regardless of whether that account is personal or professional, is your photo grid. This is for sites like Instagram where photos tell your story, but Facebook and TikTok also apply.


The color scheme you choose should be consistently shown throughout your photos. The contrast, brightness, saturation, and filter should be the same. Choosing a single shade to focus on in the majority of your photos also helps keep a theme. The color you choose decides the mood of your account overall. Softer, muted schemes are very trendy but black and white has been made popular by celebrities like Ariana Grande.

Georgia De Lotz, Unsplash, 2020.

Your profile is meant to be an expression of yourself; playing with just a few features can leave a lasting impression that will increase traffic and keep followers coming back for more.



A.D. Argyle

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