The Tragedy of Carina Saunders

Remembering her on the 10th anniversary

A.D. Argyle
23 min readSep 30, 2021

This article contains graphic content that may be unsuitable for some readers. Discretion is advised.

All the information I have sourced in this article is cited below. Anything I’ve researched has been accumulated from various websites and archives for educational purposes only. My research is thorough and honest. I appreciate any comments providing further clarity and conciseness.

Preface |

Oklahoma City. Justin Prine. 2021. Unsplash.

October 13th, 2011 began as a warm autumn day in Oklahoma City. There was a slight breeze, enough to stave off the rising heat as morning shifted into early afternoon. Perfect weather for being outside. It was on this comfortable day that a local animal rescue group went out to set humane traps to capture feral cats living around a Homeland grocery store. The surrounding grounds were nothing more than a field with an outlying crop of trees. It wouldn’t be long before a few crewmates made a grim discovery.

Amongst the low-lying brush, a pair of bags rested. A foul odor permeated the area. The crew immediately alerted police who would go on to identify the remains as those of a missing woman from the area.

The heartbreaking case of Carina Saunders is a rollercoaster of misinformation with more than a few suspects in its midst. It remains unsolved but with the combined effort of determined hopefuls, maybe we can help Carina and her loved ones receive the justice they’ve long deserved.

Early Life |

Carina Brianne Saunders was born on July 17, 1992, to Margie Queen and Richard Saunders in Oklahoma City. She was the firstborn of the pair and eldest to what would become nine children. She was an exuberant child who could make anyone smile. Loving, kind, and mild-mannered. She was the light in many people’s lives.

She was raised in Mustang, Oklahoma, and would attend the town’s only high school, Mustang High, where she was known for her angelic singing voice. Her passion for music led her to join Honors Choir and eventually, she worked under an operatic tutor. But she wasn’t only known for her singing, she was also intelligent. She was both a spelling bee champion and a mathlete. Her abilities gave her hope that she could either make it as an opera singer or an accountant. All this talent helped her stay out of trouble and allowed her to make many friends. It also helped that she was very comical.

Selfie of Carina uploaded to her personal MySpace profile, eleven11oh7. Unknown year.

In 2010, Carina graduated a year early and moved out of her parent’s home.

It could have been that being so well-mannered had rendered her unprepared for the world beyond her small town, or perhaps it was experienced criminals taking advantage of a naive young woman that led her down this fateful path. In 2011, we can see Carina’s life begin to derail because of drug use. However, that summer before her disappearance, we see her attempt to get sober. She was able to get into rehab with the support of her loving family. When she was released, everyone had expected her to continue on this path but addiction is a complex and often, life-long battle.

And, sure, while addiction grasped Carina tightly, its grip would never be as lethal as the people who wanted to continue taking advantage of her.

Before Her Disappearance |

On September 18th, 2011, 19-year-old Carina made a surprise visit to her mother. She was recently released from rehab. There was a sparkle in those gray-green eyes that gave her mother subtle reassurance that everything was managing to work itself out.

The pair spent some time just enjoying each other’s company. They went to church together. This was rare, especially now that they lived separately. Margie says that Carina reconnected with a higher power and that she ‘had a lovely aura around her’ by the end of their time together.

As joyful as this revelation had been, she worries that her daughter’s newfound love of religion could have been a sign that Carina knew beforehand that something bad would happen to her. That maybe she sought help from that higher power to save her soul despite her ultimate fate here on Earth.

Margie Queen (left) with Carina Saunders (right). Oklahoma’s Own, News 9. 2021.

Carina even posted about her day in church on social media, her only way to communicate with anyone since she didn’t have a phone or car of her own. Then, Carina and her mother parted ways.

Since being discharged from rehab, Carina was in need of a place to stay. She spent the week before her disappearance staying with her cousin and best friend, Kathryn. So, after leaving her mother, this is where she went.

Kathryn says they felt more like sisters than cousins and considered themselves to be the best of friends. She was the last person in their family to see Carina alive.

On Wednesday, September 28, 2011, Carina would make her final Facebook post. She asked her friends what they were all up to on that warm night from the comfort of Kathryn’s home.

No one knows what exactly she was planning on doing but we can assume she was going to return to her previous lifestyle and the social circle that she’d left behind. Staying away from old habits is more difficult when you’ve left rehab. There is no longer someone or something to stop you from indulging. She must have made some kind of plans because she asked her cousin for a ride so she could meet up with someone.

That night, the pair would arrive at a Taco Bell restaurant off of Interstate 40 and Rockwell in Oklahoma City. Carina was wearing a plain white muscle shirt with a pair of gray Victoria Secrets sweatpants embossed with the word ‘PINK’ on the back. Kathryn watched her cousin get into a mid-1990’s model blue or gray Chevrolet Blazer with 22-inch rims before they headed off on their own.

The owner of this vehicle would later be identified as 44-year-old Kenny Richards, someone Carina had previously mentioned with friends and family members. She believed he was a friend, despite his desire to turn her into an amateur porn star. Many of those close to her thought of him as being closer to a pimp than a director or manager. Some even accused him of soliciting her for prostitution.

Later, he told investigators that after he picked up Carina that the two hung out for a while before he dropped her off at an apartment complex in Bethany. The complex was identified as the Studio 41 Apartments, located at N. Macarthur Blvd. and NW 41st Street.

Brick apartments. Andreas Dress. Unsplash. 2021.

Carina’s next whereabouts were reported to police by a man named Keegan. Not only was he a resident of the complex where she stayed for more than a week after Kathryn last saw her, Keegan knew Carina from school.

He said he recognized her immediately when he walked by her as she was sweeping debris off a staircase on either October 6th or 7th. He greeted her with a sheepish ‘hello’ while she was rather eager to embrace this forgotten friend.

While catching up, she revealed that she was staying with the complex’s handyman and his son. She was helping around the complex as a means of paying them back for their hospitality. Later, the pair would meet again. This time, through their conversation, Carina revealed to him that she hadn’t eaten in a few days. Keegan quickly offered to buy her something to eat.

Becoming more intertwined in her reclusive world, he witnessed her going through her tiny bag that contained all of her worldly possessions. Being thoughtful as he was, Keegan gifted her with a green duffel bag that he owned. She seemed extremely pleased. He said that he saw her one more time a day or two later. There is nothing of note regarding his final sightings of Carina.

The next time he would see her would be on the news. He called the police after that, desperate to know if it was the duffel bag that he had given her that she was found in. It was not.

Despite the loose timeline provided by Keegan, it is accepted that Carina was alive until Saturday, the 8th of October. On that day, CCTV captured Carina outside of Newcastle Casino and Gaming Center, located about 20 miles away from Bethany.

In the footage, Carina can be seen entering a red, four-door truck. The vehicle is further described as having a brush guard and a light on top of the cabin. It appears that the truck is occupied fully when it approaches Carina. A man with complete tattoo sleeves on both arms exits the vehicle to speak with her.

A red truck similar to the one that drove away with Carina. OSBI Facebook. 2016.

A second vehicle is also captured in the video. This vehicle is occupied by a group of females who appear to be pleading with Carina. It is believed that they did not want her to get into the truck. Despite their pleas, Carina can be seen entering the red truck.

No one in either vehicle has ever been identified.

The following day, October 9th, Kathryn receives a threatening text message from an unknown number. The content regards her cousin, who has been radio-silent since they parted from one another.

“I’m going to bury you next to Carina.”

Kathryn took this message to the Oklahoma City Police, absolutely sickened by the message and the sinking worry that began to settle in her middle.

Woman’s hand holding a phone. Jae Park. Unsplash. 2021.

They would identify the culprit as Kyle Savage, someone who had been friends with Carina for over two years. Through the combined efforts of obtaining phone records and some interrogations, police know that Kyle and Carina had texted back and forth for weeks leading up to her disappearance.

Despite this and the threat he sent Kathryn, Savage claimed he never hurt Carina. After Carina’s situation became known, he stated that his message was misconstrued and poorly timed. He pushed away allegations on the idea that he believed Kathryn to be a potential love interest of Carina’s. That jealousy had spurned the cruelty.

However, it remains unknown just how he got ahold of Kathryn’s number in the first place or came to the belief that Kathryn could have been a suitor.

Kathryn also shared these messages with Carina’s mother, Margie. And on October 10th, Margie filed a missing persons’ report for her daughter. She set out with her 3-year-old son to find Carina and to share the news of her disappearance. She personally put up numerous fliers around their hometown and the surrounding areas.

Through her efforts, she found out that Carina had been out of contact with many of her family and friends for the last month. She also hadn’t been on social media for a week. According to police, Margie stated she was:

“ — terrified that something has happened...”

Finding Carina |

Just three days later, an animal welfare crew was laying traps for feral cats along the backside of the Homeland grocery store when they came across a pair of dark bags emitting an awful smell. The group called the police who arrived shortly after.

Investigators behind the Homeland grocery store. Daily Mail. 2012.

Upon their investigation, they found a black Nike duffel bag and a laundry bag. Each had the same foul odor. Inside the bags were the dismembered remains of a female body. Every body part had been confined in plastic wrap before being stored in their respective bags. Her head and neck were in the smaller bag while the rest of her body was in the larger bag.

It is believed that her body had only been dumped at the location with the murder and dismemberment having taken place elsewhere. Police later stated that the victim had been deceased for 3 to 4 days before they were discovered.

With such a gruesome crime, the police were desperate to identify this Jane Doe. They had a lead almost immediately because it wasn’t even a week ago that a heartbroken mother came in with news of her daughter’s disappearance.

On October 14th, Bethany Police requested Carina’s dental records from her family to identify the body rather than forcing them to witness the devastating disfigurement the victim had undergone.

Then, on the 17th, police requested that Richard and Margie meet with them. With explicit warning not to go to work and to meet immediately that day, the family had already begun to fear the worst for their beloved Carina.

Police broke the news to the distraught parents that their daughter’s remains had been identified. Rumors had already spread around town that Carina had been dismembered and the police had to acknowledge that the gossip was true.

Carina’s mother later told Lindsay Schraad of the website The Chrysalis Chapters:

“When they told me she had been dismembered, I screamed.”

Over the next few days, vigils would be held around the area in remembrance of Carina. People gathered in front of the Bethany Police Department, along the interstate, and even at the Nazarene church, Carina attended before her passing.

Carina was laid to rest in Mustang Cemetery. Her headstone was adorned with a gorgeous, giant butterfly and surrounded by cherub angels.

Headstone for Carina Saunders, 2011,

Richard stated this about his daughter:

“If I could have one more day with her then I wouldn’t say anything… I’d just hold her.”

Suspects + Investigation |

Suspects, in this case, were not limited. Carina was a social person and many were drawn to her. The FBI even offered to help Bethany Police in the investigation. They would go on to speak with 80 witnesses over the next few months. Many were addicts who ran in Carina’s circle but a few were more prominent in the case than others.

Kenny Richards was the first in many people’s minds as being culpable. He and Carina had an entangled relationship that many believed was built on toxic behaviors and sex trafficking. There were rumors that Kenny was even Carina’s pimp. He was domineering and aggressive. He was also the only one to request to hang out with her shortly before her disappearance.

Kenny Richards. News 9. 2021.

Kathryn witnessed Carina enter his vehicle when she dropped her cousin off at the Taco Bell in Oklahoma City. He told police that after he hung out with Carina, he dropped her off at the apartment complex on Rockwell Avenue and didn’t hear from her again.

Not a single investigator thought he was any more deserving of suspicion and he was eliminated from the suspect pool.

Kyle Savage, who had sent threatening texts to Kathryn before anyone knew Carina was missing made himself a suspect in many people’s eyes. However, he was dismissed as an official person of interest after many hours of interrogation. He was written off as jealous and spiteful, but not a murderer.

A third suspect came to investigators’ attention. Cody Perez was friends with Carina. He had gone to culinary school and was working in town at the Olive Garden when she was murdered.

On the day that Margie reported her daughter missing, Perez sold his extensive knife collection to a local Bethany pawn shop before hitchhiking his way out of town. It was believed that he was headed for California or Arizona.

Since he was so eager to flee Oklahoma, investigators labeled him as a person of interest, and without him present to clear his own name, rumors began to run wild about Perez. On social media, it was discovered that he’d posted lyrics from songs by the Insane Clown Posse that depicted murder. It was through a lack of journalistic integrity that these lyrics were demonized as an admittance of guilt by Perez. There is no connection between these lyrics and the crime.

Perez’s mother, Rachel Hope Laraway, said that her son had gone missing and that she couldn’t get ahold of him. He was not missing as Carina had been. He was hiding. If he was truly innocent, why would he flee?

On October 21st, Perez was in Arizona when he contacted Bethany Police to say that he had not fled, but instead moved away after a dispute with another man. He stated that his leaving had nothing to do with Carina. He returned to Bethany to further defend his name.

Subsequently, his knives were cleared of having any blood on them. And later, Perez was absolved as a suspect completely.

The next subject of the investigation was not a person but a place.

The address of 3500 S Harvey Street is now a vacant lot but before Carina’s disappearance was a hotbed for drug activity, sex work, and violence encased in a decrepit house. Police had been called to the location many times over the years preceding Carina’s case.

The house at 3500 Harvey Street before it was demolished. Housecreep. 2011.

Coincidentally, the house was demolished on the very day that Carina’s remains were found. The community living nearby had been begging for the building to be destroyed after so many years of dealing with the drugs and violence. Nothing connected to Carina was ever found in or around the lot.

The Autopsy |

Months after her remains were found, Carina’s homicide was classified as a violent death. Although most of her body was at the scene where the bags were found, her hands, feet, portions of her forearms, her left breast, as well as clothing and other personal effects were missing. At some point, she had been bound with duct tape before her death. The residue of which was found around her thighs.

Police stated there were “suspicious contusions” on the right cheek and on the back of her right shoulder that led them to believe Carina may have been tortured before her death.

Carina had a tattoo on her shoulder that read ‘KWEEN SPADE’. It was around this piece of text that the medical examiner found cut marks that indicated the perpetrator had attempted to remove the tattoo. Further attempts were made by the culprit to conceal Carina’s identity, like haphazardly cutting her beautiful hair short.

Carina’s ‘KWEEN SPADE’ tattoo. News 9. 2011.

In addition to these findings, the pathologist also uncovered Carina’s intoxication levels and what caused them to spike.

Before Carina’s death, she had consumed Tramadol, a non-narcotic pain reliever, which is only legally available with a prescription. Someone had to sell or give these pills to Carina, which correlates with her previous habits. It is unknown how much of this drug Carina had ingested because of her body’s decomposition.

These findings would be held as investigators built a case and rounded up their suspects.

The Mysterious Video |

In the spring of the following year, a witness came to police claiming she saw a video of the murder of Carina.

This witness, a woman known as Tia, stated that she was hanging out with her friend, Luis, at a Bel-Aire Motel in Oklahoma City. When Luis went to the bathroom, she went through his phone on a whim. That’s when she opened his videos and saw a familiar face — Carina Saunders.

She told police that she had met Carina multiple times in the past since they ran in a similar circle. In fact, on more than one occasion, it had been Tia’s responsibility to watch over Carina so the woman wouldn’t do anything dangerous while intoxicated. She recalls that a mutual friend of the pair had threatened violence toward Carina previous to her death as well.

Bethany Police Lieutenant, J.R. Jencks, said Tia claimed to watch the video for several moments until Carina began to scream. It was at this point that she says her friend, Luis, was beginning to cut off Carina’s foot.

More about the video and Tia will be discussed later.

Arrests |

Just over a month later on July 5th, 2012, two suspects were charged for the murder of Carina.

Luis Ruiz, 37, and Jimmy Massey, 33, were both already in custody on separate charges. Their lengthy criminal records placed them as kingpins in multiple drug and sex trafficking rings in and outside of Oklahoma.

Luis Ruiz. Oklahoma’s Own, News 9. 2021.
Jimmy Massey. Oklahoma’s Own, News 9. 2021.

In addition, these men were connected to various users and addicts, one of which was charged alongside them. His name was Francisco Gomez, but he was later released and all charges were dropped against him in the case of Carina’s homicide.

Another witness came forward, a woman named Michelle. She claimed that she had been kidnapped by Ruiz and Massey. And while in their custody, she was forced to watch the video of Carina’s murder. She said that she only escaped because she fled through a window and went to the police. She believed that the video was being used as proof to other women that the men could do anything they needed to to get their way. They intended to use kidnapped women as sex workers, as is seen all around the world.

With testimony from Tia, Michelle, and others who knew the duo, police came to the conclusion that Carina’s death occurred on October 11th, 2011 in the now-demolished house on 3500 S Harvey St.

Later, they would gain more witness statements while the men were in custody. Cellmates provided testimony saying Massey claimed he committed the crime, even offering up incriminating details.

Nearly a year later, investigators were ready to charge Massey and Ruiz with Carina’s murder. But they had more testimony than actual evidence. This would prove detrimental to the entire trial.

Charges + Realizations |

Now that the men had been charged with first-degree murder, the realization that a human trafficking ring was in the region began to strike the residents of Oklahoma City. Rumors spread that the ring had ties to the Mexican cartel. This notorious gang continues to fuel political wars and extreme violence. Carina’s murder was so intensely cruel that it made sense to many that there could be some truth to the gossip.

However, it also began to sink in that many of the testimonies provided to investigators were not factual evidence that could be used in court to convict two individuals, but more along the lines of hearsay at the behest of criminals and addicts.

All the while, investigators continued to check through phones, SD cards, and any other means of procuring video evidence of Carina’s murder. They needed that video to hold this case together. Meanwhile, the pair of suspects were incarcerated without bail for months.

To make matters worse, their smoking gun witness, Tia, changed her statement in a way that challenged everything investigators had been working toward. Tia no longer stood by the sentiment that she had seen the video but rather had heard about the video through a friend.

By February of 2013, the case against Luis Ruiz and Jimmy Massey disintegrated.

Further Inquiry by the OSBI |

Desperate for Carina’s homicide to be solved, the Bethany Police Department was switched out for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations (OSBI). To the public, Police Chief Phil Cole stated the case merely required a new perspective. Behind closed doors, however, the truth was the District Attorney, David Prater, felt the small town department was in over their head. He requested that they hand over the case completely.

In upcoming months, the Bethany Police Department would be confronted with issues of its own when Captain Jack Jencks was let go by the department. Evidence had gone missing from the department’s inventory and with Jencks being the most culpable perpetrator, the department felt it was best to walk away from their relationship with the captain. He’d go on to be charged with 11 counts of larceny of a controlled substance before the charges were mysteriously dropped. Jencks was then reinstated with the department, granting him back pay. He retired, fully compensated.

He was not the only officer on Carina’s case to be investigated and let go from the department.

Just months after Jencks’ removal, Lieutenant Austin Warfield was placed under internal investigation. He was subsequently let go and later reinstated, like Jencks.

And lastly, after the exchange of Carina’s case, all charges against Ruiz and Massey were dropped. The prosecution felt that the Bethany Police Department had been focusing too much on the loose evidence they’d been given. It was narrow-minded and left a lot of questions unanswered.

With the two lead witness testimonies beginning to seem less concise, the case was suddenly shrouded in uncertainty. The investigation appeared to come to a halt.

When D.A. Prater dropped the charges against the men, Massey was convicted on the original charges he’d been sent to jail for. He went on to serve 10 years for drug trafficking.

Meanwhile, Ruiz walked away as a free man only to resurface after the negative PR surrounding the Bethany Police. He filed a lawsuit against the city and police department, claiming that the law was not upheld by the department during the investigation into Carina’s homicide. He specifically named Captain Jencks, Police Chief Cole, and Lieutenant Warfield as perpetrators of this injustice.

Ruiz states that these individuals:

“… employed deceptive, misleading, manipulative and illegal tactics to manipulate and fabricate the criminal case.”

The lawsuit also cited several instances of civil rights violations.

Although Ruiz had multiple, unrelated criminal violations during the lawsuit’s lifespan, he would settle with the Bethany Police Department for $50,000 in 2016.

Luis Ruiz after his release from custody. The Oklahoman. 2013.

Starting From Scratch |

With the OSBI now leading the case, the investigation was able to get a fresh start with a team of determined officials. They even offered a $10,000 reward in 2016 for information leading to the arrest of Carina’s murderer.

Investigators started to rebuild their suspect pool so they began to reexamine the last people known to see or be with Carina, including previous suspect, Kenny Richards.

Despite being eliminated from the suspect list by the original investigators, the OSBI wanted to dig further into Richards.

They found that he was loosely involved in another homicide investigation in March of 2012 when he reported the body of an exotic dancer from a club in Oklahoma City called Night Trips. Although I was unable to find out more about this death, if you have any information you’d like to provide, please comment here.

Upon further examination, the woman’s body showed signs of trauma before death, leading investigators to believe she was murdered.

Being involved in two homicide investigations in the span of a year is incredibly unnerving and if anything shows the kind of lifestyle Richards led, the people he was involved with.

Tips came in regarding Richards as well.

In January of 2013, investigators were told that Richards had killed Carina and that her missing personal items could be found buried on his property. One of these claims went further to state that Richards had hidden the items in a metal tank that was in his possession from February 1995 to June 2012, just several months after Carina’s homicide.

The Bethany Police Department did nothing to investigate these claims. It wasn’t until the case was relaunched by the OSBI that anyone laid eyes on the tips again.

At this point around 2016, Richards was arrested on charges related to methamphetamine. During this arrest, investigators confiscated Richards’ phone. This is when they discovered a previously unseen photo of Carina that fueled the idea that Richards had more involvement with Carina than he dared let on.

In April of 2017, investigators searched Richards’ property wielding the claims provided by the anonymous tipsters.

In a rare turn of events, a septic tank on the grounds revealed several items of interest, including a woman’s shirt, a jacket, and a pair of sandals buried under various debris. Along with this search, investigators had hoped to find a cell phone with a video of Carina, potentially her murder, in Richards’ car. However, no phone or vehicle was found.

The OSBI was contacted by Eric Vangurp, a Task Force Officer of the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and an employee of the D.A. He stated that this phone was still in the possession of the DEA after Richards was arrested on drug trafficking charges in 2016.

After Richards’ arrest, he gave DEA Special Agent Shan Spain permission to search his phone since he had been using that phone to traffic and purchase drugs. During this search, Spain found a photo of Carina Saunders. No information can further describe what the image was of specifically.

Aftermath |

In 2018, an anonymous donor would offer $50,000 for the infamous video to be sent to their email. If a video could not be provided, the offer would drop to $30,000 on the notion that the identity of the perpetrator was given instead. They gave just a month’s time for anyone to step forward.

In a press release, the donor stated that they were fed up with the case going unsolved. They clarified that if left unclaimed, the money would go toward hiring 10 private investigators. And still, if that effort worked up nothing, they’d double the team.

“If nothing comes from that, then we’ll hire 10 P.I.’s. If nothing comes from that, then we’ll hire 20. The people that did this should know that their days of being comfortable and their days of thinking they got away with it and that it’s forgotten should end immediately.”

No one came forward with new information though, and nothing was further discussed to the public in regards to this offer.

In the years after Carina’s passing, her family has made annual donations to Make-A-Wish in Carina’s name. Scholarships have been made in her honor, as well as life-changing programs to aid sex workers and those suffering from substance abuse.

For prisoners in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, Carina’s face is well known. In a deck of cards created with the images and information of missing people, Carina has claimed the queen of spades until her case is solved.

Updates |

In late 2020, investigators reached out to the public to release the sketch of a person they believe to have been seen in the last location Carina was spotted — that casino. This individual is not a suspect or person of interest; he’s instead someone investigators wish to speak with. They believe that he may have information about what happened that day.

Sketch of man wanted for questioning. Provided by the OSBI and Oklahoma News 4. 2020.

Personally, I think the sketch looks incredibly similar to Richards when their images are placed side by side. Let me know what you think.

Closing Statement |

Although Carina’s case is currently unsolved, she has not been forgotten.

A selfie of Carina. 2016.

Her effervescent, compassionate nature left a lasting impression on those who knew Carina through her lifetime. For those of us who’ve welcomed Carina into our hearts only after her passing, we have come to encompass her vivacious nature. Something that helps us continue to spread the word about her and the mystery surrounding her murder.

She was deserving of a long life. One full of joy and peace. Where her singing never stopped. Her legacy remains that no matter what troubles one might find themselves facing, they have the right to find salvation and support.

And, Carina is also deserving of justice. Before her death, she had been around a dozen people known to investigators. Those people have friends and family they speak to, and then, those people know many more. In a trickling effect, a decent amount of people must have seen or heard something that could aid the investigation further than previous allegations have.

The knowledge of any scheme or suspect could help Carina’s family find some semblance of peace. In the decade since her death, they’ve remained devastated, in pain at the loss of such a light in their lives. A mother has lost her eldest daughter after helping her find salvation. A father lost his child, one who had a way of easing his fears and giving him hope. Siblings lost their sister when they should have gotten to cherish her and enjoy her company. Although her family has lost the opportunity of watching Carina succeed and grow further, the community of people in Oklahoma can give them the closure they deserve.

Any information regarding Carina’s murder, the sketch, or the video can help solve this case. It just takes honesty and the desire to help a grieving family heal from this devastating loss.

Contacts |

Justice for Carina Saunders Facebook |

For tips:

Hotline number |1–800–522–8017

Email for OSBI |

Sources |

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Carina’s Obituary |



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