The Loss of Cassie Stoddart

Idaho teen was slain by friends in masks

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This article contains graphic content that may be unsuitable for some readers. Discretion is advised.

All the information I have sourced in this article is cited below. Anything I’ve researched has been accumulated from various websites and archives for educational purposes only. My research is thorough and honest. I appreciate any comments providing further clarity and conciseness.

Introduction |

The desire to be infamous drove two Idaho teens to maliciously terrorize and murder someone who had been their friend. They wanted to reenact the brutal murders portrayed in the ‘Scream’ franchise and claimed they’d be more notorious than Ted Bundy. Their murder spree was cut short through the devotion of one girl’s friends and family, as well as a town’s swift investigators to solve her devastating murder.

This is her story.

Cassie’s Early Life |

Cassie Jo Stoddart was born just a few days before Christmas on December 21, 1989, in Idaho to her mother, Anne. Cassie has two siblings. Kristi, who was 6 years older, and Andrew, who was 18 months younger.

She came from a loving family. They were kind, open, and enjoyed being in each other’s company. This extended to Cassie’s demeanor. She was quickly able to make friends with anyone. She was intelligent and ambitious. She wanted to attend college someday.

Cassie’s brother, Andrew, described her as “headstrong” and a “role model”. He remembers spending a lot of time with her as they were a year and a half apart in age. They hung out at a lot of the same places and were involved in the same interests.

Cassie smiling. From girlkaseykahne on Youtube. 2021.

She was an artist as well, spending hours a week in her room listening to music and drawing. Andrew says that their mother still keeps several of her pieces up around the house.

According to her natal chart, Cassie was likely a restless soul who sought adventure and connection. She had an unwavering faith in others. She was an idealist with big dreams. She was easygoing and loved to laugh. Sympathetic and concerned for others, she found strength in numbers, preferring to have someone by her side.

Cassie was a radiant beacon of light, that much is clear. She deserved so much out of life and she had so much left to give. In this article, we will explore the events that stole the future of this young woman.

The Killers’ Origins |

Brian Draper was born on March 21, 1990, to Pam and Kerry Draper. He was raised on the desert terrain of Utah. Growing up, he had a bit of a stutter, which led to him being bullied by classmates. This meant he dealt with some very dark emotions from quite a young age. It certainly doesn’t lead one to commit the crime that he did, but this developmental hurdle offers a mere sliver of understanding as to why he might have been more prone to harming others.

Torey Adamcik was born on June 14, 1990, in Pocatello to his parents, Shannon and Sean Adamcik. There is not much online about his early life. However, we do know that after moving to Pocatello, he met Adamcik at Pocatello High School. The two became best friends as they bonded over their shared love of filmmaking. They began to record everything they could. Hoping that their practice might come in handy someday.

Here, at Pocatello High School, the pair also came to meet Cassie. The vivacious, stunning young woman drew people to her like moths to a flame. Everyone wanted to get to know her, to be graced with her kindness and blossoming personality. It is not unreasonable to understand just why the pair felt compelled to work on developing a friendship with her.

The new academic year had barely started before the boys found another commonality between them; they both had a dark desire to emulate the murders featured in the popular ‘Scream’ franchise. Specifically, the idea of a pair of devious masterminded friends murdering their own unsuspecting friends.

Before the death, they even admitted they were going to murder her on camera. This video was captured in the school as the boys were skipping their 4th-hour class. They used this time to create a list of people they planned to kill and Cassie made the first slot.

“I’m sorry Cassie’s family. She had to be the one.”

Leading Up to the Murder |

During the final days of August of 2006, 18-year-old Joe Lucero received a phone call from Adamcik. He was curious to know if the older teen would be open to purchasing some knives for him. The pair then met up with Draper, who would go on to withdraw $40 from his bank. Adamcik likely covered the remaining $5 for the four knives they bought in total. Adamcik received one knife but Draper purchased three.

Although they kept their reasons for wanting knives quiet around Lucero, the pair knew exactly what they were planning.

As much as they’d prefer to be remembered as amateur filmmakers, Draper and Adamcik were nothing more than teens with a single video compilation consisting of poorly shot clips that captured the days leading up to Cassie’s murder as well as directly after the attack. However, these clips were integral to the case and trial.

The video starts with clips from September 21. The pair are in Adamcik’s vehicle. It is night and rain falls against the windshield. Draper is in the passenger’s side while Adamcik is in the driver’s seat. In the recordings, we can hear the two discuss previous houses they visited where the intended victims were not home. We also hear the two talk quite a lot about Cassie and Matt. They even go so far as to describe how they would lure Matt out first so they could kill him and then scare Cassie.

One of the most astonishing admissions I found was:

“There should be no law against killing people. I know it’s the wrong thing but hell. . . hell, you restrict somebody from it, they’re gonna wanna do it.”

They also described the upcoming event as “fun”. They discussed how they would be more prolific than Ted Bundy or Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono Jr., better known as the Hillside Stranglers. Adamcik called these brutal murderers “amateurs”.

This ideology shows just how naive the two are. They believe that they will kill one or both of their closest friends, and get away with it to the extent that they can go on to steal more lives.

On Friday, September 22, there are two recordings filmed at the school. The first is quick and shot by Draper as he walks the halls. He spots Cassie at her locker and he initiates a brief conversation. He tells Cassie to greet the camera since he’s filming her. She does but it is unenthusiastic. The footage ends here and begins again during the 4th-hour class, which Adamcik and Draper are skipping.

They’re writing out their kill list at a table. However, it occurs to them that a teacher is watching them. They spend a good portion of this recording speaking in hushed tones, discussing this teacher. Still, they go on to consider the legacy that they will be leaving behind. They admitted that if anyone saw the recordings, it was because they were dead.

Among this chatter, the two slip in that they have “failed” eight or nine times already. Meaning they’d gone to that many houses in the attempt to murder a fellow classmate. The reasons these students survived over Cassie came down to the fact that those teens ended up either not being home at the time or their parents came back before the pair could accomplish anything.

Because as much as these two wished to be these tenacious slayers, they were nothing more than timid kids looking for attention in all the worst ways.

If you wish to read the full transcripts, those can be read through the link below:

The Night of the Murder |

The night was warm on September 22, 2006, when Cassie left to house-sit for her aunt and uncle, Allison and Frank Contreras, over the weekend. The beautiful home is located on W Whispering Cliffs Drive in Bannock county. Cassie was in charge of caring for their three cats and two dogs. Cassie was responsible and caring, so this was a great opportunity for her.

The Contreras’ home on W Whispering Cliffs Drive. 2021.

She invited her boyfriend, Matt Beckham, to join her. It was the perfect opportunity to spend some time together, and it eased her worries of being alone in an empty house in a remote suburb. They planned to watch a couple of movies. He arrived at 6 pm, just before sunset.

According to police records, it was both Matt and Cassie that invited Draper to the residence. He then invited Adamcik.

For the couple, the night seemed like it was really gearing up to be a good one shared with friends.

Once Draper and Adamcik arrived around 7 p.m., Cassie gave everyone a tour of the house. This included the basement. During this time, Draper made sure that the basement door was unlocked so they could enter the home later, unbeknownst to Cassie or her boyfriend. The group then sat down to watch Kill Bill: Volume II but before the end of the movie, Draper stated that he and Adamcik had to leave. They stated that they wanted to watch a movie at the local theater instead. They said their goodbyes and disappeared into the night at around 10 p.m.

Rather than go to the theater, Draper and Adamcik parked down the street, out of sight. The car settled down as the keys were removed from the ignition. In the darkness, the young men dressed in what could only be considered a costume consisting of dark clothing, gloves, and masks. The pair had their knives they’d purchased from the pawnshop just a few weeks before.

Their hands were probably shaking with anticipation. Their recordings during this time and after the murder are fueled by their unbelievable excitement.

They entered the home through the unlocked basement door while Cassie and her boyfriend were upstairs still watching TV. Then, they attempted to lure the pair downstairs by making loud noises. The pair wanted to instill fear in their victims before the killing. This shows their malicious intent. They were so lost in the idea that this was more of a movie rather than reality.

But Cassie and Matt were not convinced that the noises were anything worth investigating. When they didn’t come down to the basement, the pair moved to more direct measures. They flipped the entire circuit breaker, plunging the home into darkness. This didn’t convince the couple to go downstairs either. Adamcik and Draper then turned on some of the lights, not all though.

Despite their efforts to remain calm, Cassie began to feel uneasy after the temporary power outage. This was made worse when Beckham noticed one of the Contreras’ dogs was staring down the basement steps. They barked and growled into the darkness.

Beckham decided to call his mother to ask if he could stay the night to make Cassie feel better. He noticed her discomfort and didn’t want to leave her there alone. However, his mother rejected the idea, and instead, offered for Cassie to stay with their family for the night.

But Cassie, reliable as ever, declined the offer, saying that she’d been trusted with the responsibility of watching over the pets and house. She couldn’t just abandon everything because she was a little unsettled.

At 10:30, Beckham’s mom picked him up. He called Adamcik to see where he and Draper went. He hoped to hang out with them. However, when Adamcik picked up, his voice was so low and quiet that Beckham had a hard time hearing him and thus, believed they were in the theater as they had stated earlier in the night they would be.

Adamcik and Draper heard Beckham leave. At last, they could fulfill their sick fantasy.

They began again by shutting off the power to the house once more. Again, Cassie refused to go downstairs. This time, the boys made their way up the staircase, slowly slinking closer to their prey. Because that’s what she was to them. Despite her belief that they were all friends, these two boys saw her as nothing more than a means to an end. An end to their anonymous, mediocre life. They stalked her that night.

Cassie was laying on the couch in the living room at this point. Her heart was likely thumping in her chest, too wound up for sleep after such an anxiety-inducing night.

At last, the pair had made it up the stairs. In their direct line of sight was their victim. One of them proceeds to slam the door behind them, breaking the terrifying silence with a bang.

This is a nightmare of so many and I can only imagine how terrifying this would have been for Cassie, who was already uneasy.

In the filtered darkness, the two approached her, donning their eerie costumes. They brutally attacked her with two hunting knives. Cassie was stabbed 30 times. Later, it would be known that nearly half of the wounds were potentially fatal.

The Following Days |

In the footage captured after the murder, Adamcik and Draper discussed the experience. Draper even admitted on film that they killed Cassie.

“. . . just killed Cassie. We just left her house. This is not a fucking joke.”

Adamcik then replied that he was shaking. Draper waved off his friend’s nerves with the idea that they would now go and buy their movie tickets in an attempt to create an alibi. They convinced themselves that they were going to be more prolific than Ted Bundy. That their actions would honor the murderers they looked up to, like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, known for the Columbine High School Massacre.

Adamcik was so conceited and cruel that just several hours after murdering Cassie, he spent the day with her boyfriend. He’d planned to kill Matt as well if he’d stayed the night. Yet Adamcik was acting as if nothing had occurred.

Two days pass without anyone hearing from Cassie. No one could have imagined the horrors that awaited the Contreras’ upon their return home on September 22. The first person to discover Cassie was her 13-year-old cousin.

Cassie was found in a pool of her own blood with around 30 deep lacerations and stab wounds.

Aftermath |

Cassie’s brother, Andrew, recalled the day her body was discovered in an interview with Idaho State Journal.

He was 15 at the time and staying the night with a friend. He made several attempts to reach his mother so she could pick him up, but she didn’t answer. He could convince himself that this was rational. Maybe his mom just hadn’t answered. It was explainable. So, his friend’s parents drove him home but no one was there. He could no longer ignore that sinking feeling in his stomach. Confused and anxious to understand just what was going on, he waited at his house until his uncle eventually picked him up. Everyone who held the answers to the mystery that was unfolding were back at the Contreras’ home.

The sickening ache in his middle must have been exasperated by the presence of police surrounding the house as the pair pulled up to the Whispering Cliffs residence. Neighbors and family were huddled outside, crying. Only stopping for a moment to look at the frightened child who’d just arrived. Amidst the crowd was a familiar face though. Andrew’s stepfather made eye contact with him as he was slowly making his way through the tearful crowd.

One of the mourners mentioned to him that he had to tell the 15-year-old what happened. Someone had to. When Andrew joined him at last, he struggled through his own tears as he told the boy that someone had done something awful to his older sister.

Take a moment to imagine that moment. You’d feel incredibly helpless, eager for more answers, and repulsed by the idea of knowing anymore. My heart hurts for Andrew, as it does for everyone else who has been affected by Cassie’s murder. This particular moment is a stark reality that victims’ families must endure.

The Contreras’ and their children were relocated during the investigation.

The Interrogations |

Police began their investigation by interviewing Matt Beckham, Cassie’s boyfriend. This is the standard for most interrogations: look at those closest to the victim. He told them about everything that occurred that night, including mentioning the pair of boys who hung out with them briefly. This led investigators to question Adamcik and Draper next.

Detectives visited the Adamcik home on September 24 for the first interview. Sean Adamcik was present for this. This would be the first of two interviews investigators would give the younger Adamcik. He told the detectives that he and Draper went to the Whispering Cliffs residence expecting a party but when it became apparent that a party was not going to occur, the pair left to see a movie at a theater in Pocatello. He was unable to describe the movie or its plot, though. Not interested in furthering that story, Adamcik finished up by saying he and Draper went to his house for the rest of the night.

Draper’s first interview was not recorded because he was not yet in custody. He told police that he and Adamcik went to see a movie at a theater after leaving the Whispering Cliffs residence. He said they arrived too late for the movie they originally wished to see but quickly decided to stay anyway to watch Pulse. However, he couldn’t explain the plot at all. He then wrote out a description of what happened that night before leaving the station.

On the evening of September 26, investigators brought in Draper for his second interview. This time, the interrogation was more serious. Despite Draper maintaining his original story, an officer stated that he didn’t believe they’d watched a movie. Draper then said the pair were going through cars in the parking lot to steal items. Police didn’t believe this either. Still, Draper was able to go home with his parents.

Suspicions grew of the young man and a detective was sent to search the Draper home. They’d hoped to find items connected to Cassie and her murder, like gloves. The investigator discovered an empty knife sheath. When he asked the young man about it, he stated that the knife belonged to his friend and that’s likely where the knife was at now.

A third interrogation occurred the following day, September 27. Draper was joined this time by his parents.

He admitted that he and Adamcik had unlocked the basement door so they could break into the house later that night, but he was adamant that they only did this to scare Cassie. He did state that they brought masks, gloves, black clothing, and knives to assist them, knowing just how terrifying the idea of two costumed assailants would be without murder involved. His confession didn’t end there. He told investigators that once they went upstairs, Adamcik began to stab Cassie. Draper believed his friend was simply trying to scare him but he soon realized the truth of their excursion at the residence. They were going to commit murder. He stated that he never touched, let alone stabbed, Cassie. He said he watched as Adamcik killed the young woman.

He claimed that earlier that day, Adamcik had threatened to kill him if he spoke of the upcoming incident. And, in a last-ditch effort to save his own skin, Draper agreed to show the investigators where the pair hid the evidence.

Draper and his father were joined by several investigators in the Black Rock Canyon area as the youngest led them to the site. The items recovered included:

  • a book of matches
  • a melted hydrogen peroxide bottle
  • 1 pair of blue gloves
  • 1 pair of black boots
  • 1 pair of fingerless gloves
  • 1 multi-colored mask
  • 1 large dagger-type knife with a sheath
  • 1 silver and black-handled knife with ‘SLOAN’ written on the blade; (notice this knife does not have a sheath)
  • 1 small dagger-type knife with a sheath
  • 1 Sony videotape
  • 1 black-handled serrated folding knife; (later DNA testing revealed that Stoddart’s blood was present on this knife)
  • A partly burned piece of paper with writing in pencil; (described below)
  • 1 red and white mask; (later DNA testing revealed a partial DNA profile of Adamcik on the mask)
  • 1 single black glove; (later DNA testing revealed a partial DNA profile from an unknown male)
  • A pair of partially burned black Puma brand gloves; (later DNA testing revealed that Cassie’s blood had soaked into these gloves)
  • 1 blue plastic garbage bag
  • A partially burned black long-sleeved Haggar brand dress shirt
  • A Calvin Klein black dress shirt. Later DNA testing revealed that Stoddart’s blood was present on the shirt cuff
  • 1 white and grey sock
  • A small piece of black cord

The partially burned note found was difficult to read but it is believed that this could have been a note shown in one of the recordings from September 22. Some of the legible parts mention killing both Matt and Cassie.

Partially burned mask located at the BRC site. IMDB. 2021.

Detectives had Adamcik and his parents come down to the Pocatello Police Station so Adamcik could undergo his second interview. He reiterated a clearer version of the story he originally told them.

He and Draper arrived at the Whispering Cliffs residence at 8–8:30. They toured the house before watching a portion of Kill Bill: Volume 2. Then, they left at 10:00. From here, they began to break into cars. Throughout their attempted burglaries, Adamcik tried to make contact with Matt Beckham several times. The final time, Matt picked up and said his mother was taking him home. At 11:30, the pair went to Adamcik’s and didn’t leave again for the remainder of the night.

Detectives had discovered that witnesses saw the pair at a local convenience store later than that. They bring this up with Adamcik. He quickly counters that they had to get matches for Draper who smoked cigarettes. With some more questioning, he admitted that they went to Black Rock Canyon for a while.

At the end of the interview, the detectives told Adamcik about the evidence they uncovered in Black Rock Canyon. Investigators showed him the partially burned notebook paper and he admitted that his handwriting was on the paper. They told him that he needed to be honest about what happened that night but Adamcik asked for an attorney, at which time investigators concluded the interview.

Adamcik and his father spoke privately for a few moments in another room. When they joined the detectives again, Adamcik was arrested.

Draper went to the Bannock County Jail on the night of September 27. The following day, investigators were interested in another interview. This would be his fourth in the span of a few days. Police attempted to get into contact with his parents but were unable to. Draper stated that he was open to speaking with investigators without them present.

This time, the investigators pushed to find out just how Draper fit into the murder. Up to this point, the blame was squarely on Adamcik. However, an officer asked if perhaps Adamcik had forced him to stab Cassie in an attempt to prove himself to the other male. Draper acknowledged that this was true.

“You need to stab her. You need to stab her.” — Torey Adamcik to Brian Draper

He then admitted to stabbing Cassie four times in the leg and chest, first. It wasn’t enough though. Adamcik reiterated that Cassie had to die. Thirteen minutes later, Draper concluded the interview and asked to see his parents.

Despite their best efforts, Adamcik and Draper were arrested on September 27, 2006, on charges of first-degree murder as well as conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

Torey Adamcik (left) and Brian Draper (right). Idaho State Journal. 2021.

The Trials |

During the trial, the autopsy was discussed thoroughly by medical examiner, Dr. Steve Skoumal. He performed the autopsy on September 25. He concluded that Cassie had died from stab wounds to the trunk of her body. He counted 30 stab wounds and believed that 12 were likely fatal.

The State also brought in forensic pathologist, Dr. Charles Garrison, to examine Cassie. Upon his findings, he stated in court that:

“It’s my opinion that there were at least two knives used, one of which was a non-serrated blade, and one of which was a serrated blade.”

Both examiners believed that a strike to the right ventricle of Cassie’s heart was likely the wound that ended her life. This wound was created using the non-serrated knife.

Draper wanted his fourth interview suppressed on the grounds that his parents were not present. His request was denied as Draper waived his own right to remain silent and his parents had not invoked his right to counsel.

After a jury trial, Draper underwent a presentence investigation (PSI) which looks at a person’s social and legal background to create a just plan of punishment.

His parents were invited to join the interview by the court but the investigator overseeing the interview asked for them to remain outside of the interview. They believed that Draper could not be honest under the influence of his parents. They even believed that his parents may attempt to interfere to protect themselves and their son from any negative portrayals.

After undergoing the PSI, Draper requested to have the information gathered out of court. He believed the investigator who oversaw the interview was biased and that they overstepped legally, leading to a botched interrogation. There is a statute regarding PSI titled Idaho Criminal Rule 32 that creates boundaries to the content discovered through a PSI. The purpose of the PSI is to help the court or jury determine the most effective sentence without explicitly stating a recommended duration. Draper believed that questions were leading and accusatory. While most parts were in compliance with the law, Draper and his legal team thought it was cruel for the investigator to state that Draper:

“made a choice to take the life of another human being, a choice the victim did not have…. This is the type of behavior that we, as a society cannot take a second chance at, because you cannot replace a life as you can a stolen television or broken window.”

Specifically, the issue arose with the bit where the investigator suggested that society couldn’t take a ‘second chance’ on Draper. Apparently, this gave the notion that he should be given a life sentence rather than having the possibility of being released for any number of reasons, including rehabilitation. According to the Idaho Criminal Rule 32, this is not allowed in court.

However, the district court found that the procedure was in compliance with the law. With the information gathered from the PSI and the evidence already gathered, the overseeing judge told Draper and the court that he thought the teen would kill again without any doubt before sentencing.

It also came out during the trial, that the knives used in the killing were purchased by Joe Lucero at the pawnshop, as previously mentioned. He was never believed to have more involvement, though.

Several months after their arrests, the two were at last sentenced.

On April 17, 2007, Brian Draper was found guilty. A few weeks later on May 31, Adamcik’s trial began. And on June 8, 2007, Torey Adamcik was also found guilty. Each received life sentences without the possibility of parole, as well as 30-years-to-life sentences for the charges of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

They were imprisoned at the Idaho State Correctional Institute, where they remain today.

Updates |

The Stoddarts’ filed a civil lawsuit against the Idaho School District in 2010 for failing to be proactive regarding the young men’s threats. They believed the district, and more specifically, the school the teens attended, were negligent. This stems from the reality that majority of the videos were recorded in the school, including clips of the boys writing out their kill list as well as the instructions for murdering Cassie. The family felt it was worth pursuing legally. However, the Supreme Court felt that this brutal slaying was not something that could have been known. They dismissed the case.

The Supreme Court received separate appeals for the young men. One for Adamcik in September of 2010 and Draper’s in April of 2011. Both were denied full appeals. However, Draper’s charges for conspiracy were dropped because it was believed that the jury was misled.

In July 2015, Adamcik met with Sixth District Magistrate Judge Mitchell W. Brown to discuss some issues he had with the handling of the case entirely. He believed that if he had been allowed to have character witnesses at the initial trial then he’d have received a more lenient sentence. He went on to say that his former attorney led him and his parents to believe it would only create more damning evidence.

This is just narcissism at its finest. To be convicted of a crime that has a recorded confession directly after the attack featuring both young men in all their haphazard glory and to still fight the sentence just speaks volumes of their mental state and their shared belief that they’re not responsible for their actions. Isn’t that what the pair wanted, notoriety for being brutal killers? Well, this is what that looks like. A life sentence to pay for the life they heinously stole.

Thankfully, in March 2016, Judge Brown denied his appeal. In keeping pace with his previous attempt, Adamcik again tried to appeal, but this time, the appeal was sent to the Idaho Supreme Court. The subsequent hearing occurred on November 9, 2017

In November 2019, Adamcik attempted to appeal his conviction but was denied once more.

Concluding Statement |

Despite the loss of Cassie, her legacy remains. Be kind, vulnerable, and remain hopeful that there are good, honest people out there who will give you the same in return.

Her kindness is what led so many to love her and support her. She gave herself to so many, always hopeful that she’d have the same returned to her. That is what she always deserved. In her memory, we can also extend a hand to those around us. We can keep kindness in our hearts, knowing that Cassie would have done the same.

More Information |

While researching, I really enjoyed Emma’s perspective and commentary. She is a thorough and wonderful true crime content creator. If you’re interested in more about Cassie’s case or others, please head over to her channel!

The Scream Killing:


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