The Disturbing Case of LeeAnn Fletcher Hartleben

How a murder case was almost swept under the rug

A.D. Argyle
22 min readMar 16, 2023

This article contains graphic content and mentions domestic violence that may be unsuitable for some readers. Discretion is advised.

All the information I have sourced in this article is cited below. Anything I’ve researched has been accumulated from various websites and archives for educational purposes only. My research is thorough and honest. I appreciate any comments providing further clarity and conciseness.

Also worth noting, I have chosen to identify John “Jay” Tolson as LeeAnn’s ex-boyfriend because it appears that they did break up. His clothing was on her porch in bags and it’s stated that she kicked him out. Regardless, I do not believe this takes away from his part, I just wanted to clarify this beforehand.

Just days before her 39th birthday, a North Carolina woman would be found unresponsive in her Outer Banks cottage for what would be an alleged accident — a drunken fall as described by her recent ex-boyfriend. But, when the family searched the home after her passing, they found a much different scene. One that led them to fight for justice in what they believed was a murder case.

This is the devastating story of the death of LeeAnn Fletcher Hartleben and her alleged murderer, John “Jay” Tolson.

LeeAnn |
The embodiment of love

Photo of LeeAnn via Facebook, 2020.

On July 28, 1981, Mary Ann Seto and Mark Lafayette Fletcher welcomed their daughter, Amanda LeeAnn to the world. She was born and raised in Kitty Hawk, a beautiful beachy area in North Carolina, where she would spend the rest of her life.

This spirited woman enjoyed the outdoors, entertaining her community of loved ones. She loved gardening. Her front yard has gorgeous flowers along the white picket fence. She also loved surf-fishing, and hunting, as well as baking and crafting. These activities allowed LeeAnn to be adventurous, to thrive, and to express herself. She was also a forward person that would tell people if they were wrong or if they needed to sort themselves out. A real sharpshooter. She was really supportive and a nurturing soul. Friends and family enjoyed her warmth and affection. Her energy vitalized those lucky enough to be in her orbit.

LeeAnn was a devoted mother to three children — Erica, Ethan, and Dylan. And although she tragically lost Dylan, she remained a steadfast, supportive, and loving mother. From her Facebook, we can see that LeeAnn shared a lot of photos of her children. She clearly loved them and hoped to give them a lot of wonderful memories. And, I didn’t find any information about the father of her children, but her brother, parents, and many other relatives love her deeply.

John “Jay” Tolson |
Who he is and his influence in the case

John “Jay” Tolson via Pinterest, 2020.

LeeAnn met John Tolson, who also goes by Jay, in June of 2020 at a party. This Frisco-native had been kicked out of his apartment and was in need of a place to stay. With her kids out of the house, LeeAnn had space for a guest, and being the generous person she was, she invited Tolson to stay with her for a few days.

But their relationship quickly turned romantic. They declared their relationship online by June 20th. But Tolson soon became possessive, as described by her cousin, Trisha Cahoon.

In a video provided by the family, which is discussed later in this article, they included this witness statement of a person that interacted with Tolson on his last day of work before the 911 call was made:

“He’s been acting very strange lately. He would call LeeAnn just to swear at her and call her names. I don’t know what his deal is but he fucked up royally this time. He was angry as fuck at her. . . Telling me he was going to beat her ass when they got home. . . He’d been drinking all day. He was a total asshole to her because he had left his phone in her truck.”

If this is true, this is clearly abusive behavior. Add in Tolson’s alleged alcoholism, and it paints a picture of the very dark reality that LeeAnn might have been enduring in the weeks leading up to her death. And in my opinion, his being upset about his phone being in her possession can be an indicator that maybe he had stuff on that phone that he didn’t want LeeAnn to find. Stuff he knew might get him kicked out.

Photo by Siavash Ghanbari on Unsplash

A neighbor that was interviewed after the crime, spoke of how he and LeeAnn were rather close. Close enough that he would often drop by her house to pick up his mail that had accumulated at her house. It is unclear why this exchange happened, but the neighbor said he and his dog entered the house, unannounced. While they were there, he could hear muffled voices in another room that he believed could’ve been an argument. Tolson heard the man at this point and confronted him. He says Tolson became combative toward him and his dog. Now, he claims he’d seen Tolson be abusive to LeeAnn’s dog previously, so he left the scene to avoid further conflict.

His behavior eventually got so erratic that she kicked him out. Put all of his stuff in bags and left them on the porch. She’d broken up with him and her family believes this angered him.

Break-ups can often be seen as a motivator for crimes, especially murder.

A United Nations document, which I have listed in the citations below, offers a deeper look into domestic violence. The same year LeeAnn was killed, about 47,000 other women and girls were killed by an intimate partner. That means every 11 minutes, a woman or girl loses her life at the hands of a family member. Someone they love, someone they trust. We bear the brunt of violence within the home.

I am not new to these statistics but writing them out, broke my heart. It’s the cruelest reality I know — to be a woman in a world that has always tried to silence us in fashion or another.

Her Final Days |
One day she was enjoying life, the next she was suffering alone

Photo of LeeAnn via Facebook, 2020.

LeeAnn was frequently on Facebook, where she would post funny, relatable content as well as moments from her life. On July 20, 2020, she posted her last Facebook posts. These captured her journey to the beach where she planned to combat the intense Southern heat of the summer. That afternoon at 4:46, she called a close friend and it wasn’t long. She would not receive any calls for a further 24 hours but the following day, July 21st, at 5:12 PM, an incoming call would reach her phone. It is unclear if this call lasted for 1 minute or if it rang for 1 minute, but like the call the night before, it was quick.

On July 22nd around 4 AM, Tolson attempted to call a close friend but they didn’t answer their phone. Still, they managed to call him back around 8:30. When he answered, Tolson was emotionally distressed. He was bawling his eyes out, but not for the brutal attack LeeAnn had just gone through. He was telling this friend that he found her with blood coming out of her nose. Something he would go on to tell the 911 dispatcher about an hour later. This witness believes that had they not called Tolson back, the man would’ve left without calling anyone else, including 911, because he didn’t want to be blamed for anything.

“My friend, she’s laying in the tub, she won’t wake up.” — John “Jay” Tolson, LeeAnn’s recent ex-boyfriend

The day was just starting when a 911 call was dispatched to local services alerting them to the discovery of LeeAnn. The caller would go on to detail that the night before, the victim had been drinking which led to her falling in the kitchen but he was even heard saying he’s unsure if that’s even the truth. He described how LeeAnn had blood coming from her nose, but failed to mention the mottled bruising covering her exposed body.

Also while on the call, he stated that LeeAnn had convulsed for a moment between his attempts to rouse her.

And tell me if you also caught this, but I noticed there was this stark difference in his emotional state when speaking with his friend an hour earlier. Then, he’d been distraught but in the nearly half-hour-long call with 911, he was relatively calm. Sure, his breathing was shaky but he was level-headed and answered all the questions promptly.

When medical providers arrived on the scene, LeeAnn was found unclothed and unresponsive but she was still breathing. They attempted to use multiple methods to help her breathe but were unsuccessful due to the position of her jaw, which could not be manipulated. As they were doing all of this, “copious amounts of blood began erupting from the patient’s mouth and nose”.

She was then airlifted to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia, and admitted to the ICU where she was supported by a ventilator. According to documents, LeeAnn was found with multiple bruises covering her torso, some of which were noted as being older than that morning. Further, these documents revealed more of Tolson’s comments about LeeAnn. He went on to state that she had not been feeling well for the last week and that the night before had been drinking beer before going off to take a bath. He claimed to have not seen her for the rest of the night.

Of course, Tolson did not return to work that day. When he was contacted by another witness around 10:30 AM, he told them the following:

“. . . He said that the ambulance showed up, that they were treating him like it was a domestic violence situation, that they weren’t like speaking to him, or telling him anything, he didn’t know what was going on, at night he was leaving and coming back here. . .”

Apparently, Tolson would leave LeeAnn’s cottage at night to do whatever he wanted before returning to her home early the next morning to sleep off the long nights. Which certainly does not help the case building against him. Again, he didn’t want LeeAnn to be left alone with his phone and he was gone most nights until the following mornings. And when I looked at his Facebook, I found that most of the comments on his photos were from women.

If you’re in a committed relationship, these can definitely be some red flags. If anything, they’re also more reasoning as to why LeeAnn might have broken up with Tolson in the first place.

On July 23rd, Tolson arrived at his work which allowed a witness to give a statement that is really concerning.

“I know for a fact they got physical. He admitted it to me while we were working and started crying. I even tried to cheer him up. He never once said her head was caved in. Just lied and said she [overdosed].”

Not only that, but this same witness said Tolson claimed LeeAnn had eaten a whole bottle of muscle relaxers and “slipped in her bathtub”.

Now we have two witnesses, unrelated to the victim, coming out with claims that they knew and had seen a rising domestic violence situation between Tolson and LeeAnn. On top of that, he’s telling multiple versions of his story and what he believed happened to her.

As you might have expected, Tolson did not reach out to her family to tell them of the grave condition that their loved one was in. That she was fighting for her life. Instead, after 24 hours, someone was able to contact them, although it is unclear who. They rushed to her side only to discover that things were much worse than they had originally anticipated.

After seeing her condition, the family sought the support of the Kitty Hawk Police Department. They believed there was more to this incident than what was being reported. And, I don’t blame them. Her injuries were intense. Too intense for a simple fall.

“The doctor said unless she was on a 20-foot building and fell, this is blunt force trauma to her head.” — Trisha Cahoon, LeeAnn’s cousin

Two days after LeeAnn was admitted to the hospital, KHPD returned to the cottage with a family member where they collected a blood-stained comforter, fitted sheet, and pillow. However, the house was not sealed and it was not treated as a crime scene. The family states that the police did not perform forensic testing on these items despite the presence of blood.

The family was able to obtain a statement from an employee of the KHPD, that spoke of how the department had not looked into the incident further until that Friday, the 24th.

More documents released by the family show the incident report was changed from an “EMS ASSIST” to “Assault Inflicting Serious Injury” as well as citing it as a felony. After requesting the public record in August 2020, the call is labeled as “Assault on a Female” and this is listed as a misdemeanor.

LeeAnn succumbed to her injuries and passed away on July 25th, 2020, at 9:24 AM.

Suspicions Rise |
The family has concerns about the investigation

Her cause of death was admittedly undetermined due to the nature of her injuries and clinical hepatic failure. It seems that as she lay in her home that entire night, moved from one room to another but never actually being helped, her body might have been shutting down. This could have led to liver failure.

In the wake of her death though, LeeAnn’s family did not give up. Upon a trip to the cottage, Trisha found her cousin’s cell phone, which had been left on a table in plain view for police but was never confiscated. And, when it was brought to the police, the Chief declined to take it in as evidence. This, in combination with the pool of blood found in the bed and the PD’s lack of urgency, forced the family to take matters into their own hands. They hired the help of a private investigation firm to find the truth. With or without the police.

Apparently, when a PI attempted to meet with the Chief of Police, Joel Johnson, they were denied after the Chief stated he didn’t “need to meet” with the investigator because “it would be a waste of time”. But the PI was able to secure a meeting with the Chief for July 31st after contacting Assistant District Attorney, Jeff Cruden.

Before that meeting would take place, the family with a group of private investigators then searched the home on the 29th of July. We will go deeper into the evidence shortly but a quick overview is as follows:

Dozens of visible blood droplets were found in multiple rooms — on the floors, walls, and doors. The bedroom had an astonishing amount of blood present from the mattress and pillows being soaked through to droplets on the floor and a bloody shirt belonging to LeeAnn. Even her vehicle had not been searched and yet, the family found more evidence in there.

This led them to go to social media in the hope of shedding more light on the case. The strange and absolutely sickening evidence, ignored by police, drew mass attention.

That’s the reason I chose to cover this case.

To see a crime scene that tells a very clear picture of what occurred and to know that the suspect walked free for some time with nothing more than suspicion surrounding him, it’s disheartening to say the least. It’s heartbreaking. It makes you sick. Had the family not vouched for their loved one, LeeAnn’s death might have been filed away as an accident.

However, law enforcement claims they were working on the case behind the scenes, which is fair. And they even named Tolson as a person of interest.

As the public, we will never know as much about a case as investigators. But to leave the crime scene with no testing done, allowing the family to walk through and make discoveries on their own with the assistance of private investigators? That seems negligent if anything, in my own opinion.

With the aid of their PI, the family found several key pieces of evidence that would tempt police to dive back into the investigation.

Evidence |
A walk-through a house of horror

So, there is a 41-minute long video available on the family’s YouTube Channel that covers witness statements, police documents, and the Bluestar Reagent testing. You can watch the video to get the full picture but I will discuss the findings below as well.

Handprints, smearing, and blood droplets can be seen scattered throughout the house. Not only were there bloodstains visible to the naked eye, but through the use of Bluestar Forensic Blood Reagent, a chemical agent that reacts with blood but does not alter the DNA, they found an astonishing amount of blood residue that had been left behind despite clean-up efforts made by the assailant.

Again, if this were an accident, who cleaned up the blood? Tolson claimed he saw her go from the kitchen after her fall to the bathroom. Not to the living room and definitely not to the bedroom. He also claimed she took an entire bottle of muscle relaxers; she wouldn’t have been able to get up let alone clean up any blood. And yet, it had been wiped away. From there, he claimed he didn’t see her until that morning at around 4 AM. But someone balled up her shirt and put it under the bed. Someone cleaned up the blood. Someone washed and dried laundry as well as sofa cushions.

And after seeing the bedroom, it is really difficult to believe an investigator of any caliber would walk away from that scene without believing there was foul play at hand.

In her SUV, a sheet with a small amount of blood was found. I also thought it was interesting to note that there was a whole watermelon and three beers left in there. I can dismiss the beer being left behind but fresh fruit? It seemed out of place and almost like something distracted her the moment she pulled into the driveway. And she did leave Tolson’s clothes on the porch around the same time because, after LeeAnn’s passing, the bags were still on the porch, half of the clothes strewn about.

This, again, going back to her troubled, possibly abusive relationship, makes me believe that maybe Tolson was upset that she was out having fun. While it is unclear when the pair broke up, it’s common for abusers to isolate their victims. If she left “without his permission”, she might have been in danger once she arrived back home. Add the bags of clothes on the porch, it is likely that she came home to an angry, aggressive confrontation.

Now, going back to the crime scene, the photos, especially those that show the Bluestar Reagent testing, made me sick to my stomach. I’ve been a true crime viewer since childhood and I am now nearing 30. I’ve also been covering true crime cases here for a few years. But, nothing can quite prepare someone for a scene like this — one where you expected little to no evidence and yet the evidence that is presented represents a timeline that is so clearly laid out for us. From one room to another, there is a clear trail of where LeeAnn’s bleeding body was taken and moved, over and over as the perpetrator attempted to clean up their mess.

Speculation by one of my favorite true crime YouTubers, Stephanie Harlowe, leads one to think the perp wanted to clean up the initial crime scene, the kitchen, only to move her to another location like the sofa in the nearby living room. Then, upon seeing her blood soaking into the cushions, decided to move her again. This time, to her bedroom at the back of the house.

Her mattress was soaked in blood, right where LeeAnn would’ve slept every night she spent in that house. Pillows drenched and dried, left seemingly undisturbed in the wake of the quick investigation by law enforcement. Then, there was the shirt found, hidden under the bed. When revealed, it was clear that the red and white, long-sleeved shirt was covered in a dark, dried substance that everyone immediately recognized as blood.

Photo of one of the blood-stained pillows found at the scene. Obtained via #JUSTICEforleeann YouTube Channel, 2020.

In this house of horror, there couldn’t have possibly been anywhere that the blood wasn’t but that’s not the case here. The only place where there wasn’t this insane amount of blood residue was the end of the bathtub where LeeAnn‘s head would have been. And typically if someone is having an intense reaction after falling, the injury is on their head. Why wouldn’t there be blood at that end of the tub, then?

In their clean-up, the perpetrator seems to have also washed the sofa cushions and placed them in front of the fireplace where it would be presumed they’d dry off in front of the fire.

So, the family and their private investigators recorded everything to maintain the integrity of the scene, which has propelled this case. It is because of their steadfast efforts that anyone even looked deeper into LeeAnn’s passing.

On the 31st, representatives for the private investigation firm met with Chief of Police, Joel Johnson, Sergeant Brian Strickland, and the Assistant District Attorney, Jeff Cruden. Here, they discussed the case, the direction of the investigation, and how they would go about executing their plan. Here, the firm was able to turn over all of the evidence they collected on that July 29th search.

The evidence provided is as follows:

  • 1 cell phone, belonging to LeeAnn
  • 1 fitted sheet, found in the SUV and matching the sheets found on LeeAnn’s bed
  • 1 women’s long-sleeved blouse, saturated in dried blood

As well as the video and photo evidence taken by the firm and family.

From July 31st to August 18th, the firm conducted several operations to maintain the progress of the case. They spoke with over 60 individuals and kept up with phone calls and texts, even social media messages. They researched and requested documents and information from government entities. And they rounded out 4 primary informants. All while staying in constant contact with the KHPD. However, the police department still refused to return to the house to perform forensic testing. The house remained sealed from anyone entering to maintain the integrity of the scene in case that changed.

At the end of this roughly four-week period, there was still no word from the KHPD on forensic testing, so the family allowed the private investigators to obtain samples for testing. They chose to work with Bluestar Forensic Blood Reagent, which tests for bloodstains and residue even if it’s been cleaned up.

The testing revealed even more blood than could be seen by the naked eye, and that’s saying something. These new photos show blood smeared on the sofa, dozens of droplets on the floor along the base of the sofa, droplets on doors and thresholds. After this investigation, the firm ordered more Bluestar to continue further testing.

On August 20th, the investigators met with a family member before entering the house for their second chemiluminescence test which is covered in the video as well.

Upon entering the house, the investigator in the video comments that a “significant amount of blood” had been found on a towel left in a clothes basket in the laundry room, which seems to be where the main entrance of the house is located. This white towel, while a bit grimy, doesn’t look like it’s ever had blood on it. However, once sprayed, the reaction is unmistakable. It was drenched in blood at one point. The entire garment is blue. The laundry room has several instances of blood found, including on the washer and dryer, the floor, and the clothes hamper.

In the kitchen, we are shown a large smear of blood on the kitchen floor. Again, this is only visible with the reactive spray.

Then, in the living room, the camera turns to the sofa on the right-hand side of the room. On one of the sitting cushions, nearest the entrance to the room, there are smears and droplets of blood. Droplets can be found along the base of the couch on the hardwood floor and rug, as well as across the coffee table.

Now, this is just my observation, but it appears that the blood on the coffee table was expressed at an angle, which leads me to believe LeeAnn could have coughed up this blood. And it just kind of ties back into what the paramedics had experienced with her coughing up blood when they attempted to give her the different ventilators.

Continuing with the living room, there is a large sofa cushion, almost body-length, that has been placed in front of the fireplace. The investigators find blood residue on both sides of the pillow as well as within the fireplace itself, along the hearth.

Blood residue found using during the chemiluminescence testing, obtained via People, 2020.

Then, in the hallway, there is blood found on all of the doorways, including a spot that looks like someone poured blood on the wall, as well as across the bedroom door, nearly to the ceiling. The bathroom door seems to be the most heavily saturated around the knob.

In the bathroom, we have blood all around the sink and inside the bowl as well. This goes down the front of the cupboards and on the side of the cupboards near the toilet in cascades of residue. Blood is also found spattered on the cupboards above the toilet. Although blood wasn’t visible in the tub during the initial searches, using Bluestar, we are able to see a significant amount of blood had been in the front half of the bathtub, especially on the faucet and handles. However, there wasn’t any blood on the back end of the tub. There was also blood found on the wall where the towel rack is.

Heading into the bedroom, there is blood on the doorknob and doorway. Upon entering the room, there is a large wardrobe directly in front of you. From here, we can see blood has been found on the wardrobe’s handles. As you already know, there was visible blood found on the mattress, two pillows, and the floor. Also worth noting, the mirror above one of the bedside tables has been knocked askew.

The video ends here, and I just have to say that nothing can prepare you for some of those photos. Everything looked bad enough, to begin with, but to see the bathroom light up like that — it will stay with me for the rest of my life. It is just something that makes the ordinary person’s stomach drop. It makes your heart hurt. But it also leaves you feeling angry. How could this woman’s death be an accident? I would personally consider this torture. To be harmed by someone you love? Someone you gave support, time, money, and love to, only to have them hurt you? To have them then drag you around the house, cause you further pain, and then for them to leave you in such a state that you never wake up again? It’s horrific. It’s tragic. For all the good and kindness there was within LeeAnn, I can only wish that she had received an ounce of that in return from the one person who was supposed to offer her that.

And secondly, that anger stems from the lack of initiative on behalf of the Kitty Hawk Police Department and especially Joel Johnson. As far as I have learned in my research, they have still not performed forensic testing. They allowed Tolson to spoon-feed them a story about how she fell and wasn’t feeling good beforehand. They ignored the massive blood stains on the bed, the droplets on the floors and doors, and they ignored the family’s pleas later to do something.

And yes, Tolson stated that the police were initially treating the issue like a domestic violence call, so why did things play out the way they did? Why would a police chief decline a meeting with a private investigation firm, under the excuse that “it would be a waste of time” when that firm was the one doing the heavy lifting in this investigation? Documenting, testing, and following leads? I can’t help but think if they truly believed this was a domestic issue, they’d have pursued the case differently. At least, took the scene seriously and closed it off, maybe even done the testing they were supposed to do. It makes zero sense otherwise.

Since |
How the case has progressed

Photo obtained from Island Free Press, 2020.

LeeAnn’s family started a campaign just the following month, in August, to bring awareness to her case, styled #JUSTICEforleeann. They led a march to the Kitty Hawk Police Department, as well. They were not going to be quiet about this and they were not going to let someone get away with murder.

That’s not the end of the police department’s criticisms, either. During a city council meeting that would take place sometime that autumn, citizens raised concerns regarding the case. Not only did they discuss the police chief’s role but the district attorney’s as well.

Mugshot of John “Jay” Tolson via the Kitty Hawk Police, 2020.

On October 26, 2020, John Tolson was arrested in Bangor, Maine which is more than 14 hours away from Kitty Hawk. Trisha has stated that he was up there for rehab but he was found living amongst the homeless population when he was arrested. He was charged with second-degree murder by a Dare County Grand Jury and he pleaded not guilty. The trial has been rescheduled several times in the last two years but was scheduled for March 6th of 2023.

During this continuation, it was revealed that the trial would take place on August 28th of 2023. Jeff Cruden seems optimistic that the trial will finally take place that day.

I can only speculate how much this weighs on the family. They fought so hard to get an arrest. Not only has their grief been interrupted several times but having this trial pushed has to leave them exhausted and angry. Now that restrictions are lifting across the country, perhaps we can see Tolson brought to justice before 2024.

Conclusion |
My final thoughts

LeeAnn was a loving, vivacious, adventure-seeker. She adored her family, gardening, and the outdoors. Her giving nature allowed others to lean on her in their times of need. She was a beacon of light and love that lost her life tragically.

My heart aches for her family, for those who knew LeeAnn, and to all the people affected by domestic violence. I hope that this article helped you understand LeeAnn’s case better and that you can now go on to advocate for her, and hopefully many others.

The family has also opened a fundraiser to help with expenses for LeeAnn’s two children. If you can donate, please click here. It is greatly appreciated!

I really suggest watching Stephanie Harlowe’s video after this. She’s so talented and such a pillar in the true crime community. Her coverage on this case is what brought it to my attention. So, if you’re interested in that, here’s the link.

And, if you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, please know that you have options. The following information is for the National Domestic Violence Hotline site but there are outreach programs near you that can also assist.

Phone Number: 800–799–7233

SMS: text START to 88788


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