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A revolutionary addition to the artist’s discography

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5 min readFeb 5, 2023
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He is as notorious as he is anonymous. Whether you know him as his artist moniker, Corpse, or his other title of Corpse Husband, he’s become a household name.

The San Diego native came onto the social scene in 2015 when he began narrating horror stories for YouTube. His alluring voice caused many to flock to his channel. The following year, he would make his musical debut on the Halloween-centric song “Grim Grinning Ghost”, produced by Living Tombstone in collaboration with CrusherP.

In addition to his unique genre-bending style, his soulful interactions online have allowed him to amass a dedicated following on nearly every social media platform. His fanbase grew substantially after 2020 because, alongside two new song releases, the artist began streaming the popular game, Among Us with other renowned gamers.

As more content was pushed out, Corpse reiterated how stressful everything has been for him, as he experiences agoraphobia. The condition leaves sufferers anxious regarding situations they feel they have very little control over. With a handful of song releases and hours of streaming underway, fans saw a slow decline in Corpse’s time online. Then, it felt like he vanished. Popping up, here and there, to like a photo or comment. Many assumed he took time away for his mental health and thus, we patiently waited for any new content, knowing that whatever was coming out next would be phenomenal.

Fans speculated that this new release would be a song titled “Poison”, and yet no one was disappointed by the fresh addition to the artist’s discography.

So, What’s It Like, Then? |

Known for his hard-hitting, bass-heavy anthems like “E-Girls Are Ruining My Life!” and “White Tee”, this is a revelation moment for fans, new and old. He’s explored slower songs with more of an emo vibe, like “Agoraphobic” while maintaining the classic elements of a Corpse song. “under the weather” is something we haven’t had the opportunity to appreciate before.

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash, edited by A. D. Argyle via Canva, 2023.

Now, we cannot talk about Corpse and not mention his signature tone. GERD, or Gastroesophageal reflux disease is a medical condition that has left him with a much deeper pitch than most people. Naturally, as an artist that creates music with hip-hop elements, there isn’t much vocalization range showcased. That’s what makes “under the weather” so incredible.

This even-paced melodic emo anthem is something completely avant-garde. The mellow ballad is reminiscent of early Joji and even Savage Ga$p, an artist he has collabed with in the past. Upon its initial release, people even speculated if the vocals belonged to the beloved musician, but only because the piece was so radical.

It is very likely we will hear more like this as Corpse alluded to having recorded more “high-pitched” songs, in a recent stream. It’s safe to say this release was a success, though. As someone who has listened to this on repeat, I have to believe other fans are listening in a similar manner.

Why, though? Besides being a crown-jewel of any playlist, “under the weather” has a lot of emotional output.

I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying — Oh, God, We’re Both Crying! |

“under the weather” tugs at the heartstrings. Did you need the perfect song to cry to? This is it, so grab some tissues and buckle up!

Photo by Elyse Chia on Unsplash, edited by A. D. Argyle via Canva, 2023.

Despite being under two minutes long, this song leaves you in your feels for hours after. The combination of the slow rhythm, the soft rain at the beginning and end, and the devastating lyrics create a stunning environment for all those emotions to swell inside of you. The disembodied voice of Erica Lindbeck can be heard throughout the song and gives this feeling of nostalgia, which is a solid foundation for the lyrical impact. I think this is the true heart of the single — the idea of drowning in the past, being haunted by regret, and attempting to end it all through any means necessary. It’s a feeling many can connect with, ensuring the song’s future success and relevancy.

The significance of the song is then doubled — not only is it a raw display of emotion but it resonates.

As an American listener, I had to wait for the midnight release. So, I watched as my timeline, full of my friends in #ctwt, as the Corpse Twitter community is referred to, posted themselves crying. They were not exaggerating! If I wanna cry, this is the song I’m going to put on!

Conclusion |

To sum up this article, I’ve gotta say that not only is this song revolutionary, but it is also provoking.

In essence, it is an emo anthem, but it is also an unsent love letter that awakens the soul of anyone listening to it.

Whether you’ve heard it once or a thousand times, it still hits you in your heart and conjures an innate sense of nostalgia. Corpse’s legacy is and always will be that he is a creative. A blessing to the online community, an iconic musician, and a multifaceted human that is willing to be vulnerable. He is not barred by walls, stereotypes, or expectations. Even after nearly a decade of media, he still surprises us. And, I cannot wait for more.

Links |

Want to hear this song? You can listen now on Spotify and YouTube.

In addition to new music, Corpse has collabed with Gloomy Bear to launch a unique tee and the cutest plush mash-up since Squishmallows and Pokémon.

You can shop for those here.

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