A poem from ‘Reverie’

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It is too early,
the sun shimmering upon the sea
and I in the crow’s nest.

The salted breeze
swallows me and I am longing
for the embrace of you.

So far from home,
an adventurous soul looking,
hoping for better, for more.

I will return
but they will call me back
the evening gulls and waves of black.

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Reverie is a poetry collection available for free on Wattpad written by me, and it can be accessed .

This literary piece features original poetry that encompasses some of my deepest feelings in short, sweet poems. I truly believe this is my most personal work and I am exhilarated to share it with my readers.

Reverie by A.D. Argyle, available on Wattpad now.

A twenty-six-year-old writer and author from the States, interested in political, social, and environmental issues.

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