Keto: The Ultimate Cure?

An Analysis of ‘The Magic Pill’ (2017) documentary and its claims

Needles poking into an apple. Sara Bakhshi. 2019. Unsplash.
Bowl of healthy foods. Brooke Lark. 2019. Unsplash.
Golden grain against an azure sky. Melissa Askew. 2019. Unsplash.
An Australian red rock plateau underneath the moon during sunset. Ondrej Machart. 2019. Unsplash.
Australian beachfront. Martyna Bober. 2019. Unsplash.
Infant laying on the floor with its mother. The Honest Company. 2019. Unsplash.
The Netflix logo is displayed on a television screen. Freestocks. 2019. Unsplash.

A twenty-six-year-old writer and author from the States, interested in political, social, and environmental issues.

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