• Katarzyna Sawicka

    Katarzyna Sawicka

    English teacher and private tutor. Interested in English grammar, lifestyle and freelancing.

  • Jennifer


    Jen is the host of the missing persons podcast: "Where are they?”

  • Johanna Martinez

    Johanna Martinez

    I am a student of life, trying to share my views on different subjects. Looking to inspire and be inspired!

  • Heather Monroe

    Heather Monroe

    Welcome readers! Heather Monroe is a genealogist and writer who resides in California with her partner and their nine children. •True Crime• History• Memoir•

  • Athena Dykman

    Athena Dykman

    Writer: Politics, Civil Rights, Anti-Fascist

  • Timothy Kincaid

    Timothy Kincaid

    Hoop Star/Hood Legend/6 X Top Writer/Sexy Romantic & Realistic Fiction/AuthorPage/ https://www.amazon.com/author/timothykincaid

  • Shae Jackson

    Shae Jackson

    Wife, mom, artist, writer. Jack of all trades, but master to none. I know I could be someone if given the chance. I am here to learn and grow, will you join me?

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