When you’re a guardian of small children, you are never truly alone. The moment you move, the sound of tiny pattering feet follows. Later at dinner, you might hear a repeat of the conversation you had on the phone with your parent or friend coming from the mouth of a child who has no comprehension of what they’re saying. So, it’s no surprise that at some point, that same child will have found an interest in the mechanics of the bathroom.

This initial interest in why you use the toilet instead of a diaper, or why they don’t, is the…

A.D. Argyle, 2021.

Content Warning |

This story contains some material that might not be suitable for all audiences.

Early Life |

Anatoly Moskvin was born to parents, Yuri Fedorovich and Elvira Alexandrovna, on September 1, 1966, in Russia’s fifth-largest city, Nizhny Novgorod. As a child, his parents said he was meek, intelligent, and socially awkward. Around eight or nine years old, his calm, quiet demeanor morphed into aggression with frequent outbursts at his parents. Later, he would admit this behavior stemmed from rape by an unknown man. Unaware of what occurred, his parents backed off, leaving him more alone than ever. This…

Social media has become an effective tool for personal and professional expression. A brand without a presence on Instagram or Twitter is a brand losing customers and foot traffic.

Merakist, Unsplash, 2020.

Whether you’re a veteran of social media who pioneered on MySpace or a brand-owner looking to get your foot into the doorway, these tips will help you elevate your profiles above the others.


Your username is your first impression to followers. While it can be as simple as your entire name or some shortened version, many use the opportunity to connect their handle to their brand or the image…

Image of DeOrr Kunz Jr. on a billboard overlooking a highway. 2017. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.


A spur-of-the-moment family outing ends in tragedy when a woman calls emergency services to report that her 2-year-old son, DeOrr Kunz Jr., is missing from the Timber Creek Campground ten-miles west of Leadore, Idaho.

In the years since, repeated attempts of deceit have painted the parents as suspects by police and their former private investigator. However, minimal evidence has been found and neither parent has confessed to the crime. As time passes, the family continues to distance themselves from the community they once regarded so highly, leaving everyone wondering — where is DeOrr Kunz Jr.?

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

Wattpad was created in 2006 by Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen as a way to encourage reading and writing. What started as a small business is now an international phenomenon that draws millions of users a year. With the launch of Wattpad Books, the company’s hardcopy publishing house, Wattpad has revolutionized the writing industry, shooting unknown writers into worldwide stardom.

Being an author has never been more convenient or exciting.

If you have dreams about publishing through Wattpad or joining their Paid program, you’ll need popularity, unique content, and strong work ethic. The first aspect of your story that appeals…

Needles poking into an apple. Sara Bakhshi. 2019. Unsplash.

In the era of laxative lollies and meal replacement shakes touted by cultural influencers, the creative duo of Pete Evans and Robert Tate debuted their film, The Magic Pill (2017), on Netflix, looking to set the record straight once and for all: there is no magic pill for weight loss.

Instead of perpetuating diet culture trends, Evans looks to paleolithic eating patterns for inspiration. He attempts to offer solid evidence for the ketogenic diet, a diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in fats, through nonclinical trials that are studied throughout the film.

In the 2019 New Yorker article, “Is Marijuana As Safe As We Think?”, Malcolm Gladwell proposes that the psychoactive drug can be dangerous, especially for those suffering from mental illness, and even suggests it creates violent tendencies, the exact narrative covered in colleague Alex Berenson’s novel, Tell Your Children: The Truth of Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence. Berenson’s novel is leveraged as supportive material in the final paragraphs of the article.

Woman holding nugs of marijuana on a small plate. Get Budding. 2019. Unsplash.

I believe his argument is implicit because he does not outright make the claim that marijuana is not completely without fault but instead attempts to persuade the audience through…

Joao Marcelo. Unsplash. 2019.

Since the rise of the Industrial Revolution, agriculture has maintained a strict hold on the American diet and lifestyle. Farming is one of the most common jobs around the world and one of the most ancient. Nearly 40% of Earth’s landmass is dedicated to agricultural development and use (FAOSTAT, 2008). With a demand that is unseen in previous centuries, it is only a matter of time before our aggressive farming methods begin to destroy the very foundation that agriculture rests upon: soil.

It is important that farmers and corporations work together to address some of the most critical aspects of…

2019. Toby Wong. Unsplash.

IT IS 1913, and it’s business as usual for a small company drilling out in the vast emptiness of land between Kansas and Oklahoma when they discover a surprise in the wheat-covered landscape — a cache of lead and zinc. Eager to stake their claim, an independent mining company quickly buys up the land, bringing with them thousands of employees as well as their families. This surge of life prompts the new landowners to split the acreage. They form the cities of Treece, Kansas, and Picher, Oklahoma, the latter of which is eventually made famous for providing most of the…

2019. Deborah Roseman, @roseperson. Twitter.


At just 13 years old, Anne Frank and her family moved to Amsterdam where they went into hiding for 2 years from German Nazis during World War II. She and her sister, Margot, were sent to the Bergen-Belson camp, torn from the rest of their family, who they would never see again. Their parents were chosen for labor in another camp, where eventually their mother, Edith, would pass. Just weeks before Bergen-Belson was liberated, both girls also met an unfortunate fate.

Typhus is the culprit of Frank girls’ deaths, a truth obscured by myth and mystery. Many…

A.D. Argyle

A twenty-six-year-old writer and author from the States, interested in political, social, and environmental issues.

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