A man longing for a family of his own creates a menagerie of corpses instead

A.D. Argyle, 2021.

Effective tips to spice up your profiles

Merakist, Unsplash, 2020.

What happened to Idaho’s ‘Little Man’?

Image of DeOrr Kunz Jr. on a billboard overlooking a highway. 2017. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

An overview of how to design an interesting story cover and why it’s vital to your success as an author

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

From ‘Reverie: A Collection of Poetry’

Photograph of a dimly-lit school hallway. Kyo Azuma. 2019. Unsplash.

An Analysis of ‘The Magic Pill’ (2017) documentary and its claims

Needles poking into an apple. Sara Bakhshi. 2019. Unsplash.

An Analysis of Malcolm Gladwell’s “Is Marijuana As Safe As We Think?”

Woman holding nugs of marijuana on a small plate. Get Budding. 2019. Unsplash.

Nearly a century later; have we learned anything?

Joao Marcelo. Unsplash. 2019.

The Devastation of Mining in Two Midwestern Towns and How Scientific Advances Can Eliminate America’s Toxic Ghost Towns

2019. Toby Wong. Unsplash.

A.D. Argyle

A twenty-six-year-old writer and author from the States, interested in political, social, and environmental issues.

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